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K-TEC170/Dry Plastic Injection Molding Machine

K-TEC170/Dry Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Short Description:

● Save the cost of drying material (according to the size of equipment and raw material products vary).

● Improve the boot time of workers.

● Reduce the pause time of drying material.

● Product color to improve consistency.

● Reduce the product binding line.

● Reduce the chance of burning products.

● Improve the fluidity of plastic raw materials.

● Save the cost of purchasing auxiliary machine (drying equipment).

● Reduce the fear of workers on equipment drying.

● Prevent the plastic in the drying material when the caking and discoloration.

Product Detail

Product Tags




Indicator Shell


PMMA Materials


Shredder Shell 

● Indicator shell, PC customer inventory for many years recycling nozzle material, the original drying material 110 degrees 5-7 hours, can be produced after transformation.
● PMMA materials, originally need 3 h baking material 85 degrees, colour often appear problem, after using desiccant screw, color is consistent, obviously increase 30% concentrated degree, without drying of material production.
● Shredder shell, PC granulation material, the customer purchasing yuyao 2013 hair big bubble had a total of 230 tons of raw materials, cheap, 1000 per ton. There is no need to use 200 kg bake VAT before modification 2 drying of material, modified without drying of material, can be produced.

12322 (4)

Nylon Material 

12322 (3)

PBT Material 

12322 (2)

South Korea Samsung Group Power Housing

12322 (1)

Nylon Fishing Net Granulation Material + 30% Gf 
 PBT Material

● Nylon material, moisture content of 8%, normal drying material 100 degrees 10-12h, can be produced after transformation, without drying material.
●PBT raw materials, standard machine need to dry material 120-140 degrees 2.5-5h, the use of dehumidifying screw can be produced, without drying material.
● South Korea Samsung Group power housing, PC-V0 granulation material. The original sample has obvious binding line, but the modified product has no binding line.
● fishing net nylon granulation material +30%GF, normal drying material 120 degrees 6-8H, the use of dehumidifying screw without drying material, can be produced.


PA 30%gf Electronic Products


PC Material Stock 
 Lampshade For Years


POM Raw Gear


 PC Lampshade

fdfadasfasf (2)

 Auto Tail Lampshade

fdfadasfasf (1)

PA + ABS Is Bubble Water Casing Materials Shredding

fdfadasfasf (3)

High Temperature PC Sinotruk 

fdfadasfasf (4)

 Auto Tail Lampshade

Product advantages

Dehumidifying Screw Principle

Use screw high temperature, high pressure in a short time to evaporate the water of plastic raw materials.

This Product Is Adapted To

ABS, PC+ABS, PC, PA, PMMA, POM, PP+GF, PBT, PPS, LCP and other engineering materials.

342423 (2)
342423 (1)
 Screw Motion Analysis

In the feed opening paragraph 1 immediately for high temperature and evaporation, let the moisture in the raw material at high temperatures to paragraph 2, paragraph 2 of the use of uniform compression screw compression will moisture in the raw material, when through paragraph 3, the moisture of raw material of compression index after reaching eruption phase to the beginning of a paragraph 4, conducted a detonation gas, water into steam by the raw material of the outbreak after extrusion cylinder to vent out, When the water can not be completely discharged after the first dehumidification, the screw is compressed again in the fifth section. In the process of compression, the remaining steam is discharged to the exhaust port of the fourth section to achieve the purpose of rapid dehumidification.







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