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After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Service Promise

1、 FOC Remote Assistance:

Free of charge to assist to install, test, and train engineers or operators

2、24hours service:

If need the service only call Our company and agent 24hours hotline. We will supply the service and techanolog support within short times.

3、Others service:

① Warranty is 12 month
All the KONGER machines warranty be 12 month( screw and barrel also with the easy broken parts not include,also without the broken by manual).

② Regular return visit
Our service engineers will conduct regular return visits to your machine, including overhaul and maintenance of the machine, answer your questions during the use of the machine, and give feedback to the company on your use of the machine.

③ Service for machines whole life
We will give all KONGER machines service for machines whole life.

Service Advantage

1、Service before sales:

Supply the bst solutions with technolog support for customer.
Get More details requirement from customer.
Help the customer choose best machins size.
Chose the best option for customer.
Help the customer give the solutions for auxiliery machines.
Helo the customer design the electrial/air/water ect at customer factory.
Give the best special solutions fror customer.

2、Service afer sales:
Delivery the good quality machines on times to customer. And training customer engineer and workers.
Delivery on times.
Setup machines and adjustment free charge.
Training the engineer and workers free charge.

3、All the KONGER machines we will give the service at machines whole life.

4、Prepared the parts for all customer.

5、Free charge technolog support with traing the workers.