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Bakelite Series

  • K-TEC180/U Bakelite Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine

    K-TEC180/U Bakelite Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine

    Specially designed screw & barrel for Bakelite, which is processed by high strength bi-metallic steel with the characteristic of anticorrosion and abradability.

    Using the oil cooling device, in order to making sure the precision & stability of temperature control. Excellent design plasticity materials such as thebakelites,break the mould and exhaust function.

    Replacing the screw&barrel,can change intothermoplasticity injection molding machines.

    Increasing the injection rate and realize the effective and high-quality plastination by the bigger Pre-hydraulic pressure motor.

    Specially designed the cladding device and temperature control interface of the both moulds which are controlled by the high-accuracy computer for the bakelite mould high-temperature’s requirment.

    Realizing the direction control by using the high-accuracy E-ruler,which can reach by 0.1mm.

    Automatically adjusting the mould function, can input directly the clamping force, has been finished the mold thickness adjustment by the computer.