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Injection molding expert summary: four major trends in the development of two-plate injection molding machine

Injection molding expert summary: four major trends in the development of two-plate injection molding machine

With the development of related technologies and the improvement of injection molding machine requirements for injection molding machines, new models of injection molding machines such as two-plate injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines, and no-rod injection molding machines have been developed. “Two-plate injection molding machine has been developed from scratch in the 1970s and 1980s since its introduction in the 1970s and 1980s. In recent years, the two-plate injection molding machine has been compact and energy efficient. Widely welcomed by users. Pure two-plate clamping machine has gradually become the mainstream of medium and large injection molding machines.

The two-plate injection molding machine has also become the key development target of many injection molding machine enterprises in China. What innovative highlights are there in the two-plate injection molding machine? What are the development trends in the future? What do you think of injection molding experts from Haitian International, Lijin Group and Yizumi?


Trend 1: Development of medium and large-sized machines, the number of large injection molding systems has increased

“The two-plate injection molding machine was originally developed in the direction of the mainframe. It is required to achieve the 10000kN or higher model. The two-plate machine is used to save the plant area. Now, the layout of the plant is more elaborate, and the medium-sized two-plate injection molding machine with space advantage is available. The demand for traditional three-plate small and medium-sized injection molding machines is fast, but the floor space is large. Nowadays, the medium-sized two-plate injection molding machine accumulated and innovated by technology can also meet the user’s speed and precision. Therefore, the development of two-plate injection molding machine to medium-sized machine will become one of the development trends of China’s injection molding machine,” said Gao Shiquan, deputy director of Haitian Technology.

“With the rapid development of China’s national municipal engineering, rail transit and other fields, such as aircraft, high-speed rail, motor train and other strategic needs, the demand for large plastic parts for large-scale two-plate injection molding machines is increasing. At present, China’s large two-plate injection molding machine Technology is in a leading position in the international injection molding machine industry. This is the industry advantage of China’s two-plate injection molding machine and one of the development trends of future injection molding machines,” Gao Shiquan added.

According to Gao Shiquan, the current Haitian two-plate injection molding machine includes more than 20 models with clamping force from 4500KN-88000KN. Among them, the ultra-large pure two-plate injection molding machine with a mold force of 88,000KN has a injection capacity of 518000cm3 and a mold of 9200mm. The cavity depth is the largest super-large injection molding machine in Asia.

Feng Zhiyuan, the international director of Lijin Group, also believes that due to its direct and effective structural characteristics, the use and continuous development of ultra-large injection molding machines have greatly improved, especially the number of injection molding systems of more than 4,500 tons will increase.

“In the field of super large injection molding, the force of FORZA; 4500-7000 tons series, providing high-efficiency screw melting cylinder conversion program, the system can be processed by car bumper in the shortest time, replaced by PC to screw to produce high-speed train lighting lampshade application ,” Feng Zhiyuan added.


Trend 2: Electro-hydraulic compounding, injection process improvement

In addition to the development of medium and large-sized machines, Gao Shiquan said that electro-hydraulic compounding is also the development trend of the second board machine. “Electro-hydraulic compounding combines the advantages of electric and hydraulic. By adopting electro-hydraulic hybrid power, it has the technical advantages of high precision, fastness, energy saving, environmental protection, reliability and durability. “If electric pre-forming is used, it is driven by electric drive. And hydraulically drive the rest of the injection molding process, which is currently more common in the automotive industry,” Gao Shiquan stressed.

Hou Yongping, project manager of the second board machine, pointed out that the two-plate injection molding machine can realize independent closed-loop control of four clamping-mode high-pressure cylinders through the development of special oil circuit and control software. The clamping part can realize multiple pressure-up in one action cycle. And pressure relief, can produce automotive interior parts with low internal stress and high parallelism, such as automotive transparent sunroof. On the UN1300DP-9000 second board machine exhibited by CHINAPLAS in 2016, Yizumi has developed a similar function model, which produces a built-in leather car seat with a parallelism control accuracy of 20μm/2ms.


Trend 3: Functionalization and intelligent equipment to achieve data sharing

At present, another trend of the second board is also reflected in the equipment functionalization and equipment intelligence. Gao Shiquan believes that “the equipment functions are diversified, such as through the function of the drawbar, the micro-foaming function of the template, and the intelligence of the equipment. The degree of automation of the single machine and the centralized control and integrated management of the injection molding workshops of multiple injection molding machines can effectively improve production efficiency.”

Feng Zhiyuan also said that the future two-board machine will also adopt a large number of automation solutions, including 6-axis robot application, post-processing, special application processes such as pressure injection, stacking and Tandem mold.

“Fast, stable, and the standard will be the future development trend of the second board machine. The medium-sized two-plate machine market below 1000 will rise. With the maturity of the two-plate machine technology and the market recognition of the advantages of the two-plate machine, the medium-sized two-plate machine is inevitably the pursuit of high-efficiency injection molding system. Fast, steady, and inevitable choice. In the next few years, in some fast packaging and PET markets, the second board will occupy a seat!” Feng Zhiyuan added. Hou Yongping also pointed out that “the injection molding machine and peripheral equipment, the integrated network communication of the host computer, real-time data sharing, is one of the development trends of the second board.” For example, Hou Yongping said, “In 2016, the DP series models of our two-board machines exported to Europe all had network communication with hot runners, magnetic templates, mold temperature machines, neutron independent control, manipulators, and die change platforms. very high.”


Trend 4: Application-oriented, multi-color and multi-material injection

With the increase in consumer demand for products, multi-color and multi-material injection is also the development trend of the second board machine.

“I think that in some aspects of the automotive industry, the development of the second board will be combined with the lightweight of the car to meet the requirements of the car comfort experience,” said Hou Yongping, project manager of Yizhi Miji. “If the M type is more Color machine structure.”

Hou Yongping explained that the two-plate injection molding machine omits the hinge and tail plate on the moving plate, and it is more convenient to add a horizontal shooting platform to realize the M-type multi-color machine structure. This structure, combined with the development of the horizontal turntable of the mold, produces multi-color products that double the efficiency and reduce the clamping force by half.

“If we are going to show the UN800DP at K2016, it is the standard machine main stage combined with 16g V-type micro sub-injection table, simulating the production of high-end auto parts products, using two-color injection molding of hard rubber and soft rubber to improve the comfort of the car. Multi-color injection molding machine combines mold technology, such as in-mold turntable, slide table, turntable and other technologies, to produce a variety of pleasing products to enhance the taste of the car, Hou Houping added.

Feng Zhiyuan also said that at present, the force of FORZA III450-7000 tons of two-plate machine adopts the high-precision single-cylinder injection molding system commonly used in Europe and America to meet the injection molding requirements of automotive injection parts. In addition, Lijin has developed more reliable on the second board platform. Two-color, three-color machine for use in home appliances, automotive lighting, building materials and other applications. Multi-material injection molding for special TPE and wood-plastic materials.


China’s second board development will enter a new chapter of history

Gao Shiquan believes that with the implementation of China’s 2025 national strategy, for the development of China’s two-plate injection molding machine, accelerate industrial adjustment, achieve technological upgrading, upgrade the two-plate injection molding machine from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, for China’s plastic products To improve quality and efficiency, and to ensure China’s economic and social development and national defense construction will be the future development direction and major historical opportunities of China’s two-plate injection molding machine.

Feng Zhiyuan also said: “After more than 20 years of development, the domestic second-plate machine market has gradually matured. When customers choose the machine to specify the requirements of the second board machine and the new application requirements and the degree of jump, it can explain this. It’s not easy, China’s experience and promotion in the world’s factories in the past ten years has a great relationship. The emergence of the second board will provide a perfect integration of foreign production technology, and the second board market will surely welcome the history chapter!”

“Compared with the traditional three-plate machine, the second board machine has simple mechanical structure, less floor space, less moving parts, low maintenance cost, less energy consumption, etc. This is the development direction of the injection molding machine industry,” Hou Yongping said. The D1 series two-plate injection molding machine will be introduced to the market in the second half of the year and will be fully launched in 17 years. It is also a response to this trend. We define it as a replacement or upgrade for the traditional medium and large three-board machine. This market is very big, first Requires mature technology, reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, and most customers of medium and large three-board machines can accept it.”

Post time: Oct-19-2022